Alberto De Maestri

Alberto De Maestri

Roberto Signori

Roberto Signori

Dario Sangiorgio

Dario Sangiorgio

Maria Scognamiglio

Maria Scognamiglio

Information and History

Our company, Citya snc, was founded in 1985 by former employees of the technical service of a known company that distributes equipment eye. Over the years, thanks to the participation in further training and experience, it has played an important role in the industry. We collaborates with leading manufacturers and distributors of eye care, adopting the quality system UNI EN ISO 9001 - 2008 since October 1998.

  • Year of foundation

  • Assistance Aus Jena

  • Assistance Teknar, Oertli

  • Assistance Alcon

  • Assistance Storz

  • ISO9001 - 2008 Certification

  • Assistance I3

  • Collaboration with Mr. Signori

  • Assistance Paradigm

  • Assistance Hoya

  • Assistance Canon

  • Official Assistance Optikon 2000
    Official Assistance Laserex

  • Official Assistance Ellex

  • Official Assistance Ex Interzeag North Italy
    Official Assistance Haag Streit North Italy

  • Realization of eyes test for auto ref

Our Numbers

More than 10,000 repairs in the laboratory
More than 7,000 technical operations at customer sites
Over 700 customers

Our partners

We have collaborated and collaborate with leading companies such as: Aus Jena (Zeiss orientale), Alcon, Storz, Teknar, Oertli, Hoya, Meditec, Optikon, Canon, Laserex, Frastema, CSO, Ellex e con i vari distributori: New Tech, CB Medical, Codifar, Delphi Medica, Medicalia, Bi-Medica, Miloftalmica, Fass, Essebiemme, TMT, Formedical, DM, Medi Vision, nonchè con i global service: Hospital Consulting, Ital-Tbs, Prima Vera, Tecnologie Sanitarie, Biomedica Santa Lucia