Technical assistance, periodic preventive maintenance on oculistic equipment of many brands for both diagnosis and for surgery. Technical assistance on-call or contract. Technical assistance is carried out both at a customer and our laboratory.

Checks on electrical equipment in accordance with the rules UNIEN60601 – CEI 62.5 rules, using ,for that purpose, the Unimet 1000ST BENDER; AF tests on diathermy and coagulation equipment in ophthalmological area with Dynatek

Preventive maintenance as 62.122 law using standard procedures we developed on twenty years of experience and information provided by the manufacturers

Power and energy measuring for extraoculistic laser, performed with certificated (required) power meter

Tonometers, frontifocometers, ophthalmometers, topography, biometrics, refractometers calibration and other instrumentation with sample certificates. Certified measurements issued.

Maintenance and overhaul of oculistic lasers of many brands

Optical fibers lapping.

Phaco handpieces repairs.

Overhaul, reconditioning of old equipment or obsolete equipment with six months guarantee issued.

Manuals campimeters domes repainting .

Sales of light bulbs for all ophthalmic equipment.

Availability for the repair of extraoculistic machinery.